ELI5- Sleep Walking?


today I slept after studying whole night in Morning somewhat around 10 Am and planned to wake up for haircut at 12 Pm But when I woke up It was 2 Pm. Alarm was set but its was a math solving alarm which was off (like I Turned It of manually) And My clock Alarm was on
And In my call list I called My friend at 1:15 Pm
But I dont remeber doing all those Stuff why? I am dead afraid Explain to me?

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You can be totally relaxed, this is i no way uncommon, dangerous or anything you have to be afraid of. 🙂

What most likely happened was that you woke up but not 100%, you know the feeling of being too tired to bother to wake up for real, you did your thing but then did you simply go to bed again, and since you were so tired, did you simply fall in a deep sleep again and just forgot about what you did.

Often can one go out to pee and then go to bed again, not remembering it just a few hours late. 🙂

Maybe its easier to think of sleepwalking like “Dreamwalking”.

Your kind of half way between being asleep and awake.You know that feeling of how memories of dreams fade away super fast, or sometimes you know that you dreamt something but you’ve forgotten it?

Sleepwalking is the same, because your not really awake when you do it, you don’t remember it.

Its perfectly normal.

I occasionally sleepwalk, maybe once a year.

Be grateful you just called your friend. I tend to pee in weird places in the house, plant pots, dresser drawers, laundry hamper….The crazy thing is that if my gf catches me do it and is like “wtf are you doing”, in my head, at that moment, because I’m asleep and not aware what I’m doing is wrong, I get grumpy at her and reply with something like “I’m just peeing, leave me along jeez”.She tells me the next morning I have zero memory of it.
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