Eli5: The differences between inner monolog and schizophrenia?


Eli5: The differences between inner monolog and schizophrenia?

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You can tell what’s real and what isn’t. Basically.

Schizophrenic people are really really unfortunate, when they have an episode, they believe their delusions. Imagine for a second, you are in a strange place, surrounded by people who want to do you harm, and it’s REAL. (But really you’re in a supermarket). Schizophrenia is terrifying, and people who suffer from it almost never hurt anyone else, and are the greatest threat to themselves – and are actually very vulnerable.

My inner monologue isn’t….. healthy. I’ve got some mental health problems, and I’m pretty screwy. But I know what’s real and what isn’t. I don’t have to act on my irrational impulses.

Everyone has an inner monologue. But when you have schizophrenia you have difficulty distinguishing which thoughts/ideas are coming from inside your own head and which are outside your head. Which leads to confusion about what is happening around you because you start blending your imagination with reality. You believe that things that are originating in your head are actually coming from the real world around you, and not realizing that you are generating them yourself.

Some people believe that all humans used to be that way thousands of years ago as we transitioned into reflective self awareness, and possibly explains the origin of religious prophets of old believing that god was speaking to them.

Think flip mode. So your chillen with your lover thinking (Inner Mono) “how did I luck out like this, is she/he feeling like I do, etc” then a mental break and suddenly(in your mind), you have been kidnapped and are in a strange room with someone who wants to hurt you. You freek out and noone can tell you different because you KNOW youre in danger.

You can also be manic, where not quite sktzo but you can have mental breaks that resemble it, taking on a completely different personality

The difference is you talking to yourself in your head and someone else talking to you in your head.