eli5 what a media “producer” does and is a music producer the same as a film producer?


eli5 what a media “producer” does and is a music producer the same as a film producer?

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A music producer is closer to a film director, although musicians often have more control over their product than actors. But some music producers can be very heavily involved in the creative process.

Film producers usually don’t have as much direct involvement in the creative process. But since a movie is a much bigger production than a song or even an album, the primary film producer has a lot of responsibilities, from bringing together the creative team and finding funding to setting and maintaining a budget and schedule to approving or demanding changes to the final product. Essentially the producer controls the money and can use that to exert leverage over the director and everyone else making the film. There can be a team of producers, though, and in addition some people may be given producer credits for providing financing without having much direct involvement.

Music producers are the ones who make the music/beat for a song. They generally work with the artist to make their song to their vision as well as giving their own takes on it.

Film producers handle the “big picture” part of making a movie. They hire the script writers, crew and directors. they do casting (often with the help of the director). They also set the budgets and schedule for when everything must be done.

Directors handle all the creative aspects of making the movie, but the producer is the boss and can fire them if they don’t like what they’re doing. Directors are closer creatively to what music producers are.