Eli5: What are the round flat things on the roof of the mouth?


You know the two round, flat things you feel when you press your tongue against the front of the roof of your mouth? What actually are those and why do we have them? I tried to Google it but the results were all about growths and cysts and things. This is something that seems to be normal and I think everyone has them.

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Can you post a picture? I don’t think I have anything like that.

This may get removed, but I don’t think that’s normal. I don’t have round flat things on the roof of my mouth. It could be bacterial?

I think I know what you’re talking about. But I only feel one towards the back of the roof of my mouth. Not really flat, but more like an indent?

Are you talking about a Torus palatinus? Extra born growing on the roof of your mouth. Only 20-30% of the population has it including myself.

I suspect what you’re feeling are just the small wrinkles that occur naturally on the alveolar ridge, the shelf on the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth. The shaping can be a bit random, so they may enclose a circular area that feels like a disc to the tongue. Do a google image search for “hard palate rugae” and you may recognize what I’m talking about.

Its likely just your hard palate, it has some ridges/arches then turns soft ( the soft palate) . Otherwise you are Gonna have to post a photo , most other mentions here covered the good ideas, could also but a cleft palate but doesnt fit the description at all. Just spitballing anymore

Not accusing, just suggesting the possibility that you are NOT a mutant, but instead a mischievous genius who has now gotten hundreds or thousands of people (including myself) running their tongues madly around the roof of their mouths.

If I may take a quote from the cinematic masterpiece Kindergarten Cop…. Maybe it’s a tumor