eli5 what are time crystals


Are they as cool as they sound

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crystals are made of atoms bound together, those atoms dont move or change unless energy is applied to the crystal which alters the crystal making it a different crystal. in a time crystal, over time those atoms move around or change in some way on their own so in theory they do this without having any energy applied. so far they have only been able to make/simulate time crystals which change after energy has been put into them so they arent fully proven yet, but recent study has found maths that seems to suggest they are actually possible.

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A crystal is an object with a repeating atomic structure in space. A time crystal is where instead of being a repeating structure in space, it’s a repeating structure in time. So the atoms keep rearranging themselves, but they cycle through the same patterns. Recently a spacetime crystal was also discovered, where it keeps rearranging itself, but those patterns it arranges itself into were themselves a crystal, so the pattern repeats itself in space and time.