[ELI5] What benefit is there to drinking water of higher acidic value?


On the Essentia water label, it makes a point of saying “9.5pH or high.” Why is this marketed as being nutritious?


It is a money grab that preys on people’s ignorance, not many folks know what pH numbers mean and even if they do they don’t know how acidity affects their bodies.

Once you drink water it goes to your stomach where the pH of your gastric acid is anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 (a relatively mild acid, about as strong as grapefruit juice) and once the water mixes with it the pH goes to equilibrium quickly.

PathtoExile said it perfectly.

They pretty much pray on people who do not understand pH values and what they mean. The higher the pH value, the more increasing alkalinity is (very basic and not acidic). If it is a lower value, it is more acidic. Being very basic will not have any noticeable affect, but if it is acidic it can damage your teeth over time. All in all, its false advertisement and it has no extra nutritional value because of a higher pH value.