eli5: what does “neurodivergent” mean?



eli5: what does “neurodivergent” mean?

In: Biology

It means to be divergent of normal neurological standards. Most people are neurotypical. Someone like myself who is ASD is neurodivergent as my brain is wired differently so to speak

At the basic level it just means that people’s brains are different to other people, not that isn’t necessarily better or worse just different and by having different brains some tasks are easier and others are are more difficult for neurodivergent people than neurotypical people. So as an example what things do Autistic Savants find clear and simple and what do they find confusing and complex? https://youtu.be/iSJ9tEzgoPg

It is a euphemism for “autistic”, since the word “autistic” acquired negative connotations.

Non-autistic people have been called “neurotypical” (i.e. having normal brains) for a long time; “neurodivergent” (i.e. having different brains) is meant to be the opposite.

There are two (imaginary) groups of people. Neurotypical, and neurodivergent.

Neurotypical people fit a cultural idea of normal (this is decided by expectations), anyone else is neurodivergent, which, while more polite, is synonymous for abnormal.

I have ADHD, my executive function is different than most people’s. It makes it hard for me to function in a “normal” job and it made “normal school” difficult. Therefore, I’m abnormal, or *neurodivergent*.