Eli5: what does the brain control in the body?


What processes in the body does the brain control?

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Pretty much everything. Our body is just a big floppy meat suit without a brain to act as puppet master.

all voluntary and sensory abilities are controlled and/or processed by the brain, as well as certain involuntary actions like consciousness, sleep, and breathing. because of the last bit, technically everything needs the brain because breathing provides oxygen, which is needed to produce energy for all cells to function.

certain involuntary actions don’t necessarily require the brain though, like the beating of your heart, which has its own electrical system that lets it keep beating without input from the brain. however, the brain does regulate and modify it when necessary, like when you’re scared and your heart rate goes up. there’s probably a few more that i can’t think of off the top of my head, but short answer is pretty much everything.

Pretty much all of them?

All of them. The brain receives information from other parts of the body, and decides how to react.