eli5: what exactly does the metaphysical relate to


I’m trying to watch a bunch of debates online and this word keeps popping up. So I look it up and it seems to mean a few different things based on context. But what I gather is that it deals with what is not real? I’m not sure. If someone could elaborate that would be great.

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It deals with what is the origin of the physical world. Not in the sense of how was it created, but more what are the principles “existence” roots on.

So it’s about questions like “why does the world exist?”, “is there a purpose?”, “why is the reality the way it is?” Things that are in general very hard to find concrete answers for.

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Something metaphysical is something that, up to some level is “inexplicably”. Not only is something we do not know what it is, but it is something that could not be fully understand.

A more “practical” definition is something that does not obey the rules of nature. Like God or ghosts. They have their own set of fundamental rules that does not apply to normal things.