Eli5: What happens when you pull an all nighter?


I’m staying awake now for 24h to reset my sleep pattern, because i really messed it up . How will this affect me in short/long term?

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I’ve done it so many times. The only thing is you’ll be extremely tired. Wont focus as well. It’s hard to stay awake until the next night

I pulled a few all-nighters in undergrad. They tend to make me hyper-aware of everything. Like I’m having an anxiety attack almost, except that my breathing is fine.

I think your best course of action would be to force yourself awake. Maybe plan to go see someone at an early time (even if it’s just a long video chat honestly). Having an appointment is usually what makes me wake up. Like for months I’ve been waking up at about 10 or 11am, but a few weeks ago I needed to help my friend do something at 9am. Which meant waking up before that. That was the first day in a long time where I didn’t shut off my first (and subsequent) alarm.

I drank from 3pm to 6am on new years eve and slept till about 4 pm new years day id call that an all night and at 30 years old that hangover was shifty as fuck

From What I’ve learned and experienced, and considering your doing this to reset your sleep pattern. Most Effects you’ll face will be Short Term.

You may experience strain in your eyes as you have not had a chance to actually keep them closed for extended periods of time. You’ll find yourself blinking more often and sometimes barely able to keep them open, Eyedrops might fix this problem?
You may also find yourself blanking out often, this can lead to you breathing less than normal and as a result, yawning more often.

Personally I don’t recommend caffinated drinks as it may just lead to you gettined even more exhausted than you were. Eatting Properly and Drinking Properly will do most of that lifting. Avoiding screens if possible is also good as your eye strain might worsen.
(please take this comment with a grain of salt as it’s mostly experience)