Eli5 what is biodiversity


I don’t understand biodiversity

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“Bio” means “life”, and “diversity” is about how similar or different things are.

Biodiversity is about how many different types of life there are in an area (a habitat or ecosystem). For instance, there might only be a handful of different types of plants and animals that live within a stretch of desert, so there would be lower biodiversity there. Go to a rainforest and you’ll have hundreds of different plants and animals running around, so the biodiversity will be much higher.

It is bad for an area with high biodiversity to lose its diversity (species going extinct or moving away from that area), because it makes it harder for the whole ecosystem to survive.

Biodiversity means the variety of all living things on Earth, including plants, animals, and microorganisms. Having a lot of different types of living things helps keep our planet healthy and in balance. It’s important to protect biodiversity to make sure all the different living things are around for a long time.