eli5: What is considered neuroimaging? fMRI, ERP, both?



Is only fMRI considered neuroimaging or is neuroimaging fMRI and ERP? One article I just read grouped neuroimaging and fMRI together but not ERP

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Event-related potential (ERP) is not a neuroimaging technique. It is a specific brain response. ERP is measured using EEG, which is a form of neuroimaging. Neuroimaging is used to show the structure and/or functioning of the brain.

Neuroimaging can be divided into two: structural and functional. Structural is used to see what the brain looks like. Functional is used to see and measure brain activity. Some examples of neuroimaging are MRI (fMRI is functional, regular MRI is structural), CT or CAT scan (structural), PET (functional), MEG (functional), EEG (functional), and others. EEG is a bit different from the others since it doesn’t show a picture of the brain but creates a graph that shows how much the brain is active.