Eli5: What is Einstein clock synchronization?


And how does this relate to the relativity of simultaneity?

In: Physics

So we have clocks, they measure consistent intervals of time. Except, we can’t be sure that all of them are exactly the same intervals, because we don’t have any clocks to measure against. So one of Einstein’s definitions when he figured out special relativity is that the speed of light is constant in all inertial reference frames. Using that, you can find that a clock made of a beam of light and a light detector will always be accurate in its reference frame.

What you can do, is synchronize two of these clocks by starting them at what you define as 0 in both reference frames. Then, if the velocity between the two different frames is significantly close to the speed of light, you’ll find that any other measurements you make will happen at different times. That’s the “relativity of simultaneity”.