Eli5 what makes Vodka sauce so popular


It looks like a simple tomato and herb sauce. Vodka is a liquor valued for being flavorless and odorless. What does it contribute to a tomato sauce?

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I may not be 100% correct, but a Vodka sauce typically has a tomato, a pork product (such as pancetta) and a cream component. Due to the fact that alcohol dissolves both fat and water, once the vodka is added, it will prevent the sauce from separating without adding too much flavour. This makes for a tasty, and very easy sauce.

Flavorless, not tasteless. When people say vodka is flavorless they’re saying there is no added flavoring.

Partially, its a lot of buzz. But, vodka (and alcohol in general) helps bring out volitile flavors. So flavors that may be harder to taste otherwise, vodka and other alcohol makes easier to taste, changing the flavor in a pleasant way.

Many recipies use wine and other alcohol to a similar effect with more flavor from the alcohol itself. Vodka is a stronger alcohol and achieves the effect better, without adding any other flavors.

It also typically contains cream, making it richer and different.