eli5 what’s the difference between an architect and engineer?


Seem to me that an architect is just an engineer with an art degree 🤔 surely there’s more.

Update:Thank you for all wonderful answers.

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Architects design buildings without structural considerations. Engineers take in account the structural needs. Typically, it goes from architect to the engineer to make the architect’s design happen.

The architect comes up with the idea, and designs it based on what it understood to be possible.

The engineer figures out how that idea is doable, an makes it happen.

Architects are more concerned with design and how a structure looks

Engineers are more concerned with how structures function and withstand natural forces

Art versus science, if you really want to be simplistic about it.

Architects are primarily concerned with the design. Engineers calculate the force/stress the design will be under, evaluate the support structure, select materials, etc before the architect’s design can be built.

Architects design.

Engineers makes sure the design complies with the laws of physics and that no one is going to die inside the structure from it failing.

Architects don’t take 3 years of calculus as a pre-req to all their other classes.