eli5: When an eyelash falls in your eye and causes irritation that later goes away, where did the eyelash go?

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This has been bugging me ever since I saw a cursed meme where there was a huge pile of eyelashes behind someone’s eye. I’ve been wondering if the eyelash falls out or actually gets stuck behind your eye. The eyelash causes irritation and I’m aware that its there, but then it goes away. Where did the lash go?

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It falls out. The irritation may stay for some time after it’s gone, but it eventually subsides. It can’t really go behind the eye, literally, but it can hide behind your upper or lower eyelid – but you feel that.

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You would know if it got stuck behind your eye lol. The truth is that it works its way out eventually, like all irritant particles that get in your eyes. That’s one of the things tears are for, to constantly “wash” your eyeballs.

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Wow. I just realized what fake memes and AI is going to do to our kids when it comes to body horror, gore, and puberty myths. Hell, all I had was Shel Silverstein and The Temple of Doom and that shit gave me nightmares.