Eli5 while we’re sleeping how do we know where our blanket is to cover ourselves when we are cold?



Another thing you see is people tucking in there legs when they’re cold but what tells them to?

I just saw my sister do this, she was already wearing one but not properly covered for the cold room and then she covers herself putting her feet under the blanket and covering her head but she’s sleeping, how does she know?

In: Biology

When you’re asleep you aren’t dead. You still have functioning senses and depending on the stage of sleep different levels of awareness.

You’re aware enough to make small changes to your position for comfort.

It might be more intuitive to think of it like this: When you’re asleep, a fire alarm will (should) still wake you up because you are responding to extreme auditory stimulus. You are aware enought to respond to the external environment. Likewise, if you are cold, you respond enough to attempt to fix that problem.