Eli5 why are black women more used to wear wigs than other women?


Genuine question, is it due to their hair type or is it a cultural/costume thing?

I’ve seen this kind of thing a lot both irl and in movies, tv and showbitz.

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Our hair is very delicate and prone to breakage. Daily manipulation (styling, especially with heat) only adds to this so wearing a wig (or weave) acts as a protective style while simultaneously allowing us to change up our look more frequently

Two major reasons

Black curly hair is a headache to maintain. It’ll often get knotted, be brittle, and split to all hell. For a lot of women who don’t want to deal with it they’ll maybe braid it or shave it right down. Ones who shave it might still want long hair, so they’ll wear a wig on top.

The second is its super easy to damage beyond repair. If one spends a few years straightening their hair, for instance, it can end with the hair flat out never growing properly again. At which point a wig is the only option. Plenty of older generations wear wigs because they never knew the dangers straightening and chemicals had.

I think there is pressure on some black women to have hair that conforms to White Anglo Saxon norms. It’s sad that people judge straight hair to be somehow more professional.