eli5 Why are historical/archaeology structures/evidence underground?

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Earth as a whole is essentiallly a closed system right? Nothing leaves except what we send into space and (presumably) no material enters earth except the some space debris.
Where does all the earth/dirt come from to consistently bury historical structure under ground across the world?

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Have you ever seen a sidewalk that was freshly edged after grass/etc started pushing soil over the edge and then growing in that soil? That process, but for decades or centuries, or even thousands of years.

Also: wind can blow sand, floods can bury stuff with mud, volcanoes, etc.

Like this: [https://youtube.com/shorts/lUotZuduqOM?si=L3J9q9waMXf3KGOQ](https://youtube.com/shorts/lUotZuduqOM?si=L3J9q9waMXf3KGOQ)

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