Eli5: Why can my laptop play realistic games like Hitman 3 smoothly, but lags like hell with Minecraft shaders?


I use a lenovo legion 5

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Quality of code can differ from a shaffer made by a fan and a professionnal game studio.

Also minecraft is in java so it slow from start.

The problem with minecraft is that it was never meant to be as big as it is today. It was some swedish dude’s pet project that just exploded in popularity, so the core isn’t really made with efficiency in mind. Shaders are also an add-on and something that’s just added to the completed project always suffers from inefficiencies compared to an integrated solution.

Realistic games don’t look realistic because somebody just went and made the shaders simulate reality as realistically as possible. They look realistic because somebody has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring programmers to make the game *look* as good as possible on limited hardware. Generally, this translates to a lot of effects that look more impressive than they are expensive to compute, aesthetic trade-offs, compensating for engine limitations with creative design, and so on. The studios doing this have years and years of experience in figuring out what *looks* good to humans. The goal isn’t to *be* realistic, it’s to *seem* realistic.

Somebody working on a Minecraft shader in their spare time is not going to be able to devote those amounts of resources. Most likely their shader will do something conceptually simple and do it without much fuss or optimization. The ones that look impressive are probably impressive because they’re actually computing impressive amounts of data, rather than doing something less impressive and trying to make it *seem* more impressive, which is what well-optimized video games do.

Minecraft’s engine is more cobbled (lol pun) together than Bethesda’s Skyrim/Fallout engine. It’s less “functional” and more “held together with duct tape and chewing gum”.

Have you tried to allocate more of your RAM to minecraft? I have a behemoth that will run Doom, but it WILL NOT run Minecraft without me changing that setting.


Here’s a link I found that explains ^

By default it starts with 2 gb but if you’ve got it, try 4, 6, or 8. I’m a monster that has 20 gb total and runs a lot of modded minecraft so I keep mine at 10-12. (I don’t know that it’s good to use that much, I just know it makes it work)

1. Minecraft isn’t optimized well. You can run a 1.7.10 mod pack with 300 mods faster than the latest minecraft build without mods. At least that’s my experience (1050ti, i7 9th gen).
2. Those shaders aren’t optimized much as they are written by people in their free times. The big games that look real use high quality textures and shaders together also if you have a fixed scene you can do a ton of pre calculation for the shaders.