Eli5: Why can’t we choose a specific screen refresh rate on phones?

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Why is it always 60 or 120 or 144? Why can’t I input the value I want (for example, 90 or 100 or even 87)?

Edit: FYI, my phone is a Motorola Edge 40.

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It wouldn’t matter for growing the web (mostly), but it would matter for video.

Videos (in the US) are usually 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps. To show 30fps on a 60Hz display you just show each frame 2x, if you wanted to show a 24fps video you have to do something called a 3:2 pulldown where one frame played 3x and the next 2x and the next 3x, etc.

> for example, 90

For a 60fps video you then would have to play a frame 2x and the next 1x and the next 2x, etc. Doubling the duration of 1/2 of the frame can be noticeable.

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