Eli5 Why do all movies made from children’s tv shows look so different?


Example: say Drake and Josh go Hollywood or merry Christmas Drake and Josh. Zack and Cody the movie. Etc.

My question is why do they look so good and crisp compared to the tv show? And if they can make the movies look so good then why can’t they do that through the entire series?

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Budget. It costs real money to rent quality cameras and pay quality cinema photographers. People aren’t going to spend money on a kids show, because, in part, 90% of all kids programming is about selling advertising and/or specific tie-in products. It’s a factory, that produces a product that for the most part is given away for free.

Movies on the other hand, need to attract people to pay to see them. They need (usually) real stars in addition to the shows original cast, and it needs to not look janky. That….costs money.

They’re shot in movie studios, with expensive cinema cameras (probably shot on actual film), rather than in relatively crappy TV studios with TV cameras.