Eli5: why do caffeine and energy drinks make an ADHD person sleep?


Eli5: why do caffeine and energy drinks make an ADHD person sleep?

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Because drugs usually have an opposite effect on our brain chemistry. I have severe ADHD. If I smoke pot, I’m a nervous wreck. Brain working like crazy. Absolutely nothing chill about it. While my friends are all relaxed and happy. Coffee in the morning? Not unless I’m going back to sleep.

I take a drug called Focalin. It’s basically double strength Ritalin.
If I don’t take it, I’m bouncing off the walls. People always think I’m on drugs. I’m twitchy and can’t sit still. Soon as my meds hit , I’m calm and relaxed. I also have a really high tolerance to drugs too . Not sure that has anything to do with my ADHD though

It doesn’t make an ADHD person sleep, but it doesn’t keep them from sleeping, either. Stimulants are used to balance the brain chemistry in someone suffering from ADHD, and a balanced brain usually gets more/better quality sleep.

Truthfully, though, it all boils down to just how “off” your brain chemistry is as to whether or not the caffeine has any effect on it in the first place.

I’m ADHD, myself, and a cup of coffee will wake me up first thing in the morning because the caffeine allows me to focus on the morning tasks a lot better than without, lets me push the morning brain fog aside and get to work on whatever it is I need to do. But that same cup of coffee wouldn’t prevent me from taking a nap an hour (or less) after drinking it.