Eli5: why do casinos not just shuffle the deck after every hand


Casinos throw people out for counting cards but couldn’t this be made impossible by just shuffling after every hand. I know they make money of people who think they can count but is that the only reason?

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Shuffling after every hand would reduce the number of games per hour and also make it less enjoyable for players.
And it’s not necessary to ensure a fair game. As long as the deck is shuffled regularly, the chances of any one player receiving an unfair advantage are low.

Frequent shuffling would result in less hands dealt per hour. Since the casino has the edge, this results in less profit for them. Card counting isn’t a widespread skill and only helps a player slightly if implemented correctly.

imagine a shoe with 8 decks where it takes few minutes for a full shuffle, unless some shuffling machine is being used (but those can also have techical issues and seem fishy from a player’s perspective). A game round can take few seconds and delay that lasts for minutes just results in loss. Plus when the shoe is cut in half it makes the counting much more pointless anyway

You seem to have an odd impression about card counting as well. Almost no one does this, but those who do are very good at it, and get identified very quickly. They are either then told to stop playing or told they can’t vary their bet. The house isn’t making money off “people who think they can count.”

Time. Casinos only make money when they are dealing hands. When you are shuffling, the casino is making no money. Casinos already lose millions of dollars to shuffling, they don’t want to lose more.

And card counting is a mostly a thing of the past, the change to 6-5 blackjack completely negates any advantage card counting and more and more casinos are moving to that, and high limit casino that still offer 2-1 are watching for it and making it harder and harder to pull off, and with AI powered facial recognition security systems and live black book access, once you get caught in one place you are going to be insta-banned from every major casino in the country