eli5: Why do cheap lighters have a divide in their fuel reserve?


I recently got a science teaching job and had to buy a cheap see-through lighter to ignite the Bunsens, I don’t understand why the tank has to have two different compartments on the inside. You can tilt it and fill up one or the other, could someone explain why this is necessary instead of one big tank?

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It’s to strengthen the plastic so it won’t burst, not really much to do with separating the tank. It means the tank can be thinner and use less plastic.

I believe it’s for material strengthening purpose. To keep the lighter from breaking when, for instance, you sit on it.

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The lighter is made out of flexible plastic, without the support in the middle, the plastic can flex and crack, letting the flammable fuel leak out (and maybe catch fire).

In addition to providing the tank with the ability to withstand structural compression loads when a heavy object is placed on it, the tank is also under pressure, and the divider connects two opposite walls together the prevent them from expanding outward and breaking the tank.

It’s a support in the middle to keep the tank from being crushed and broken while still using the minimum amount of plastic. Bic brand lights have the more oval shape that gives them strength