eli5 why do game console developer kits look ugly?


eli5 why do game console developer kits look ugly?

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Hardware specs still in flux

Not for retail sale so no need for them to look pretty

Sometimes additional components like more than one NIC, so loses some of the possible sleek factor

Because designing nice looking cases costs money. Developers don’t care about the aesthetics of the computer/console they’re developing for; they care about the internal hardware and the software development tools. Studios don’t want to pay more for dev kits just so they look cool in developers’ offices. And console makers don’t want to waste time/money on designs for something only developers will ever see.

Two good answers thus far. They’re often also designed to be stacked or easily racked and they have good airflow/cooling due to being stacked/racked.

I may be the only one, but I’d take a dev kit PS5 in a heartbeat over the consumer model.