Eli5: why do only some actors get the prefix “with” in a movie.


I just finished Glass Onion and at the end credits it had all the actors who were in it but only Kate Hudson and Dave Batista had the prefix of “with” before their name. Is there a reason why only they get it?

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I think it’s down to star power. Their agents negotiate both billing order (the movie, starring 1, 2, 3) and also can get there client to be distinguished from the other cast with things like ‘and Mr Smith’ or ‘Also Mrs Smith’, or sometimes, ‘with Mr Smith’

It’s known as last billing. Actor wasn’t a lead in the film but negotiated to stand out in the credits, with a “and” or “with prefix.

Short version: They will “feature” the name to give and get as much credit as possible, while acknowledging that the role played by that actor doesn’t justify a headline.

Longer version: Your primary cast is usually listed in order of either the character’s order of appearance or importance (when listed in rhe end credits with the names side by side).

In the opening sequence (and sometimes on posters and other maketng media) you will see the names as a factor of the character’s importance and the actor’s rating / star power / whatever you want to call it.

Sometimes you have a big name in a fairly small part, either a cameo or just someone who accepted a fairly insignificant role, so it doesn’t make sense to list the actor’s name alongside those who portrayed the main characters. However, they also can’t just be dropped into the rest of the cast because the film can’t risk the name getting lost when they want to bank on it as much as possible.


I want to understand this as well. LL Cool J has been in movies before so it’s not his breakout role (I think) but he still gets “with” on the start creds of NCISLA. And he’s a main character.