ElI5 why do our bodies want to throw up after intense exercises.


For example running, after a long intense run I want to throw up and I wonder why our bodies would want to throw up.

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>”__Lack of hydration__ during exercise is a well known cause of headache and nausea. Exercising at a heavy rate causes __blood flow to be taken away from the stomach__, causing nausea.”


The body shunts blood to where it is needed. When you eat, the brain shunts more blood to the digestive system to cope with the absorption demand…hence why you’re tired and unwilling to move much after eating.
The opposite is true during exercise. Blood goes to muscles to supply with oxygen and glucose to allow intense exercise.
In addition, the body also has the reaction of “evacuation” where it wants to remove all unwanted and unnecessary weight which ends up in the form of throwing up and even defecation in extreme situations. As we have some control of our own body, we can feel sick without actually throwing up.
An extreme example I once watched was a (large) snake regurgitating a small deer so it could escape from the humans messing with it.

We have three systems when it comes to blood use. Brain, Heart/Lungs, digestion, and muscles. We only have enough blood for two.

The brain gets first priority. Muscles are number two, and digestion is the third. If you have to run, or exert yourself, the food in your stomach might go bad, and it will weigh you down.better to just get rid of it.