Eli5 Why do people “cook” heroin before injecting?


I’ve seen people heat up heroin on spoons in movies and stories about drugs but I don’t know what that actually does.

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When you cook heroin you have to add citric acid to break down whatever has been used to cut the drugs (bulk them out for profit). DONT DO HEROIN!!!!

It makes it taste better in your veins. (I.e. cooked broccoli vs. raw broccoli)

Also im just kidding it makes it dissolve and also kills some bacteria that may be in it. Heroin is bad don’t even try it once unless you want to sell every possession you own until you are living in the street with nothjng left in horrible pain and withdrawels.

go watch breaking bad…when Jessie’s girlfriend introduced him to heroin. Obviously it’s kinda overly glorified but that’s about how many people use it.

It does several things. It dissolves it in water. Any insoluble rubbish it has been cut with wont dissolve and can be filtered out with the cotton wool used at the end of the needle. It also sterilises it lessening the chance of infection.