Eli5: Why do people say that shredded inviduals are always tired, hungry? With all that muscle strength, shouldn’t it be the opposite?


Basically the title

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When you say the slang “shredded” you presumably mean people with large muscles that have good definition, being easily visible from the surface of the skin. In order to do this the person must have altered their diet such that they have high muscle mass and very low subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin). In order to do this they must work out while holding themselves at a calorie deficit, forcing the body to dip into fat reserves to make up the difference. The exercise tells their body that their muscle is needed otherwise it will break muscle down for energy. Since they aren’t getting enough calories from the food they eat they will feel hungry much of the time.

Another factor that wasn’t mentioned is that in order to get the best muscle definition people will deliberately dehydrate themselves. This thins the skin and makes it easier to see muscles and blood vessels, but is very unpleasant and not a very healthy practice.