ELi5: why do pillows get yellow spots, even when using pillow cases and pillow protectors?


Thought about this while washing my bed linens today. It’s so icky. I wash my pillowcases like every two weeks at min! And I have pillow protectors. But still when I strip the cases, yellow spots. The spots aren’t on the protectors, but underneath on actual pillows. Why why?

Ended up ordering some new pillows and new pillow protectors.

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Mostly sweat. People don’t often realize it, but sweating is one of the ways your body removes toxins and bacteria and such (and this nastiness is why sweat smells so bad).

Since you’re always sweating all the time, you coat your pillows pretty heavily with it.

You can wash your pillows as well, provided using the right detergent which keeps the feathers inside unharmed. The yellow spots are caused by sweat, no amount of pillow case will be able to absorb the amount of sweat you lose every night.