Eli5 – Why do so many scammers ask about your car warranty?


It seems like every scammer is calling about a car warranty. You’d think that most people are ignoring these calls, therefore the scammers are not making any money.

Why do scammers keep trying to call me about a car warranty over and over again?

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Scammers need to find out fast if they’re talking to someone senile, confused, or otherwise easily exploited, so they can get through calls quickly. They use objectively bad scripts and cock-brained stories to get sharper call recipients off the line quickly, so they can move on to someone else, mostly old people. It’s pretty disgusting.

It works because there are people who dont know it is a scam.

It also works because after they ask your info they transfer you to the actual

company your car should have insurance under.

But they secretly can listen in on your call and get your financial information.

The simple answer is because it works.

There isn’t anything special about car warranties. The key is that they can do mass auto-dialing with a message that applies to most people. A lot of people have cars so when you get this message for the first time, it *seems* like it could be true and you may end up calling back if you aren’t particularly savy or haven’t already heard of this scam.

To prove this, let’s put a tiny spin on this scam. Instead of car warranty, let’s say they call about your home warranty. The problem? Most people don’t own a house. If you live with your parents or rent an apartment, you can delete the voicemail without a second thought. Or if they call about a recent vacation you booked, but you didn’t book a vacation, you can safely ignore.

Not everyone owns a car, but a lot of people do, so it works. Obviously, it’s been overused now so it’s easy to recognize it as a scam, but it probably was pretty effective when it first started making its rounds.

that’s a US thing, right?