ElI5: Why do some cheeses have holes?


ElI5: Why do some cheeses have holes?

In: Biology

The little critters that make cheese have different biologic processes. Some of them, to be a little crude, fart. The result of using those critters is that the gas they release can consolidate into bubbles, leaving holes in the final cheese.

Bacteria in impurities if I remember correctly it was in hay in the original Swiss cheese create co2 while the cheese is setting and that creates air pockets

Living organisms like bacteria and molds are used to turn milk into cheese. Some of those make a lot of extra gasses as they digest the milk products. In generally very firm cheeses those gases can get trapped and form bubbles.

Holes in the cheese is also known as ‘eyes’. It is caused by some of the bacteria used in cheese production. Gas production is some of the cheese for eg. Swiss style cheese is typical.

In the late stage of cheese production the propionibacteria consumes the lactic acid and releases acetate, propionic acid and carbon dioxide.

Thus, the carbon dioxide while escaping form bubbles and develop holes or ‘eyes’.