Eli5: why do videos get screwed up in a group chat with both iPhones and non-Apple phones?


And maybe more importantly, which side of the group chat is to blame?

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Basically, SMS is shit. SMS existed when we were still attempting to type on flip phones. It wasn’t made with high amount of data in mind (like HD photos or videos)

But SMS is also an open standard. Anyone can do SMS, so that means it’s a common language for Apple and Android.

Apple, being Apple, decided to make something better by doing their own proprietary thing. That’s iMessage.

Everyone else also knew SMS was outdated, so they made a new standard called RCS. They (especially Google) asked Apple to also support RCS.

~~Apple told them to eat shit.~~ Apple decided to not support it.

So communication between Apple and Android is still SMS

Apple’s limits for MMS messages require media files to be very highly compressed when sent to a non-imessage device, which results in a huge quality loss.

Apple won’t cooperate with standard anything. Being averse to green messages is an Apple problem. My phone is perfectly capable of sending wifi messages, sending bluetooth files, connecting to a Windows computer to transfer files, etc. Apple restricts their devices to give the illusion of exclusivity.

So I don’t have an iPhone and no desire to ever own one so I don’t know, but can iphone users to another iPhone/imessage user play vids in text messages and does it compress or does it stay at native resolution?