[eli5] Why does it hurt so bad to get hit in the balls?



[eli5] Why does it hurt so bad to get hit in the balls?

In: Biology

Evolution by natural selection promotes biological traits that help individuals survive & reproduce, and weeds out traits that prevent individuals from reproducing. Functioning testicles are crucial for a male individual to have offspring, and pain provides an incentive to take very good care of them.

The actual answer to this is the following:

Your balls are magical, meaning its a hella complex machinery that churns out sperms, specifically haploid with half your DNA.

This means: it needs SPECIFIC chemical and nutrient, plentiful blood flow, and extremely well regulated temperature.

And to achieve all this tight control, this means a shit ton of nerves around it. You know what nerve also does? transmit pain.

Thus when you get kicked in the nuts and multiple nerves are firing off screaming pain to your brain, its hurts quite alot.