eli5, why does this happen after wearing 3d glasses for awhile


Why when i wear 3d glasses (the red and blue kind) for a long time and then take them off, when i cover one eye the side that had red i see a blue tint and the side that had blue i see a red tint? Im was just in my room with them on not a movie

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Senses react to change and start to filter out constant impression both because of how the sensing part work and how the brain interprets it.

It is not that different to you do not feel the clothes on you after yo take them on. You feel a char when you sit down and then you filter it out. Smells disappear if you are exposed of them for a long time

Your eyes have three types of cones, a bit simplified we have red, green, and blue cones. The red and green cones overlap so both will be stimulated by a red light to different degrees.


The result is that the eye behind the blue filter will have blue cones that are less sensitive then the green and red cones. It will be the opposite on the other eye. The result is white light will look like the other color when the glasses filter the light is removed.

It is not just an effect for a whole eye but for part of the eye. Stare at https://www.opticalspy.com/uploads/1/4/4/9/144966/3424954_orig.gif and you see the same effect with multiple colors in the same eye. The effect is shorter in the because the simulation time is shorter

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The sensors in your retinas can begin to filter some of a particular color if you see a lot of that color. For example, if you stare at blue light for a long time the receptors for blue will temporarily wear out, the result being that your vision will filter out some of the blue. For a few moments after removing the blue filter, everything will appear as though it has less blue in it, making it appear more red.

There are optical illusions which play with this, having you stare at a negative (that is, color-flipped) image for awhile then switching to looking at a white screen. The result is that your eyes will flip all the colors, briefly creating and afterimage of the intended color until the receptors in your eye’s retinas reset themselves.