eli5 Why does usb-c charge stuff faster than usb-a



eli5 Why does usb-c charge stuff faster than usb-a

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The two devices on either end of the USB-C link talk to each other and negotiate a faster charging rate than is possible over USB-A. Usually, you’re using USB3.0 or higher when you’re dealing with C, which offers more power than USB2.

USB inherently uses more power, or at least the connections have more voltage available to them, with the same amperage available to them as well.

Instead of USB A’s 5v, USBC can charge at 9v and 12v as well. Same amps at higher volts = faster charging.

Actually, the last generation of Micro USB could do 9v and 12v too. I know this for a fact because my Note 5 did it. So basically, the connector is the only real difference. Fast charging was already being used with Micro USB.

USBC didn’t introduce it.

usb-c and usb-a are socket / plug standards not communication standards, it has no relation to charge speed