ELi5 Why everytime I put a drink down like Milk it makes a ring on the table




I know im taking the explain like im 5 thing to literally but I’ve never known yknow

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You mean like a ring of water? Cold drinks make their glasses cold, cold glass makes the air around it colder. Cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warmer air, and water vapor in the air condenses on the glass, drips down, and ruins your wooden table.

You mean a cold glass of milk? Air has a small amount of water vapour in it. When exposed to cold temperatures, this water vapour changes to water, which makes those rings.

If it’s actually milk on the bottom then you did a bad job of pouring and it just spilled down the side

The water is condensation that forms on the outside of the glass.

With a cold drink, it will cool down the air immediately surrounding the glass. One effect of temperature on air is that it changes how much moisture that air can hold – how humid it can be. So as the air cools, the moisture that was being held in the air no longer can be, and it condenses – on a large scale this is how fog is formed (which then burns off as the air temperature warms up), and on a smaller glass scale, the water condenses on the outside of the glass, runs down it and forms a ring.