eli5: Why hasn’t there been a cure or good solution for macular degeneration?


With all the advanced research, medicene, and cures why hasn’t macular degeneration been cured or at least controlled? I think that it hit me last week and now I’m concerned.

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Because we don’t have a treatment for the ageing process yet.

Most macular degeneration is ‘age related macular degeneration’ (AMD) and it’s much like how we don’t have a treatment for skin elasticity loss (Botox doesn’t count as it is symptom control, not curing fixing), or brain deterioration like dementia or senility.

For the sort of implied question of why we haven’t put all our energy and effort into curing it? Because it doesn’t cost society enough. I’m not saying I agree with that statement, just putting it bluntly. People don’t die from AMD, we don’t lose a large portion of the workforce to it as most people who get it are retired or close to. Perhaps there’s also a bias of “its part of ageing so we don’t ‘care’ so much”