ELi5 Why is a full blade more dangerous than a sharp blade?


ELi5 Why is a full blade more dangerous than a sharp blade?

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Because you have to force a dull blade to make it do anything which increases the chance that it slips and cuts or impales someone.

What do you mean by full? You mean a dull blade?

Dull, not full.

A blunt knife needs more pressure on it to cut, resulting in an increased chance of slipping, therefore cutting yourself.

a sharp blade will cut cleanly, which makes healing easier. dull blades need more force to cut, which in turn take more material with it and won’t cut as clean.

cuts from dull blades, or worse, jagged blades are harder to stitch up.

I meant dull sorry I wasn’t paying attention

A sharp knife takes less effort to use, and less effort is easier to control. It’s a similar difference of how it’s easier to cut a paper snowflake with a pair of scissors than it is to use an axe: the scissors only need a single hand to work, while an axe requires a full body motion. The scissors will give an intricate snowflake, while the axe will tear the paper up and might cut the entire thing to bits instead of small patterns.

Also, dull blades can still cut. An axe is about 1/3 as sharp as a knife, but both can cut a finger off.

Two big reasons:

1. As others have mentioned, you need to push harder with a dull knife which makes it harder to control and more likely that you will slip.
2. If what you’re cutting is soft at all (like meat) it may squish a bit which means your blade might not be going straight where you are pointing it anymore.

A dull blade isn’t nesssarily more dangerous, heck, I’ve slipped with dull blades and done 0 damage to my callus hands.

I’ve slipped with sharp ones, and done significant damage.

I think TV chefs like to say it a lot because, with perfect form, a sharp blade is less prone to accidents as you’ll need to apply less pressure/force to achieve your desired outcome.

Others have pointed out that a dull blade needs more force to cut, but also a sharp knife will happily cut in the direction you push it while a dull knife is more likely to follow a path of less resistance and slip in an unexpected direction.