eli5 Why is it, when eating healthy, junk food feels bad; and when eating bad, junk food feels normal?


For example after a cleanse eating processed foods and sugars give headaches, whereas if those are common staples in the diet there’s less reaction. Same with dairy. It seems like a tolerance thing and on the surface makes sense, but what is actually happening?

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Your stomach has 3 strains of bacteria
1 responds to vegetables
2 responds to sugar
3 responds to meat
So if you eat a lot if vegetables then that strain is bigger and doesn’t like it when you eat the others or vice versa

“Gut biome” is a term that describes the culture of bacteria that live in your digestive tract. They’re vital to the way our bodies process food and they communicate back to us through chemical messages.

When you regularly eat a particular food or group of similar foods, you foster the gut microbes that feed on those foods. They proliferate far more than other microbes, and in this way your body adapts to eating that kind of food. You will start to crave foods you eat regularly because that’s what your gut biome is adapted to digesting.