ELi5 : Why is light produced when an underwater bubble collapsed/destroyed with sound wave ?



But I want to know why/how this happens …
[Water bubble-Light ](http://imgur.com/a/XWj4tLd)

In: Physics

Its called sonoluminesence. Its when a bubble of gas appears underwater due to a change in pressure as liquids cannot condens3 as easily as gas so when pressure changes happen submerged beneath yhe surface of a liquid any dissolved gas in the liquid can be “squeezed” out of being dissolved in the liquid (cavitation) And if that change in pressure was caused by a significant enough sound wave, and the gasses dissolved in the liquid are the right kind & ratio (made up of mostly noble gas, oxygen, helium, argon, xenon, neon, uhh maybe a few others nitrogen i think)then the pressurized gas bubble will phase transition into plasma for a moment and emit photons. Its not really well understood the exact mechanism that causes this but google sonoluminesence and lots if info will come up. Fun fact pistol and mantis shrimp species when attacking their prey produce these plasma bubbles underwater and supposedly the plasma inside the tiny momentary bubbles is hotter than the surface of the sun

I’ve always wondered if it is possible to create a big one and use the energy to make electricity.