ELI5-Why is the front facing camera always a “mirror”?


In this day and age of “everyone is an influencer” why os the front facing camera always showing a mirror image? Shouldn’t that be an option to set rather than a default setting? Maybe it’s my OCD bothering me when I watch tik tok…..

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Imagine trying to grab something behind you by using a “reversed” image. That’d be pretty difficult.

The reason we always have mirrored images is because they’re easier for our brains to process

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Its because you are used to seeing yourself in the mirror.

People often think they look weird in pictures because they are mirrored compared to how they usually see themselves. Mirroring the images makes it more like the face you know, removing the weirdness and making you more likely to post it.

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It comes down to whether the software is written well or poorly.

My Samsung phone’s packed-in camera app handles selfie mode just fine: The live preview is mirrored for my convenience, but the actual recording is made the right way around. Meanwhile, Open Camera allows me to choose whether to flip the photos the right way around or not, and it doesn’t allow me to choose whether to flip the videos. And either way, the preview is always mirrored.