Eli5: Why is there a sudden spike in ai bots usage and demand?


So, I assume and am also aware that chat bots have been around for a while, but this is the first time that I’ve ever seen ai that can generate pictures, audio, and even video. Why is there a sudden spike in demand for ai bots? Are they drastically more capable than they were 2 years ago? If so why? Why are they suddenly more powerful, smarter, more capable than before (if that is the case)?

This in explain like I’m 5 because when I googled it, I got a bunch of tech jargon that I did not understand at all.

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The short answer is that there has been incredible leaps made in AI technology. The chatbots that existed even a few years ago worked by effectively breaking down your query and cross-referencing it against a database of answers for similar queries. New AI tech, like GPT, take this a step further and effectively create a web of all of the words in its training data and how they connect to all other words based on the statistical likelihood that those words would exist within close proximity in its training data. The ramification of this is that rather than spitting out pre-canned responses, the AI is capable of producing a statistically probable response to your query, even if that query has never been asked before. This gives AI bots a lot more flexibility in terms of what they are capable of doing. And with good training data makes them very very good at organizing and formulating responses

More powerful hardware and new technology means more ai bot training could be done in a shorter time which results in ai becoming more capable