Eli5 why some foods, like hot dogs, “flavor” your burps long after you’ve finished eating them


Meatballs are a close second

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these foods are quite potent. While the food is digesting, it has opportunities to give any gas that enters the stomach it’s smell, and if strong enough, this can overcome the smell of stomach acid, carrying the food’s smell back up through your oesophagus. As for why they last so long, this could be due to slow digestion, if a food is in the stomach for longer, your burps will smell like them for longer.

Aren’t hot dog burps the worst?

Burps smell really bad after eating things like that because of the high content of fat and protein found in the meat of the hot dog. When the fats and proteins break down in the stomach, they produce sulfurous compounds that are released with burps. The sulfur compounds make it smell gross.

Just like how some gasses linger or are more noticeable to the senses . Everything burns but burns differently.