eli5 why spotify keeps plugging songs you dont want


Funny how with the free version of spotify, when you create a playlist…they feel the need to add suggested artists, and they are NEVER similar to any son on said playlist, just plugging shite like harry styles…if they tailor songs to your tastes, why suggest those artists…i put songs on a playlist so i can listen to those songs not be inundated with suggestions, that you have to use your 6 skips to get past the genres you dont like.

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Without knowing this for sure, it’s probably to get you to upgrade to the paid version. I can get rid of that feature with the paid version.

Think of it a bit like free radio in your case, the songs you don’t want to hear is the price you’re paying

paid influencers get their music on spotify by paying spotify to broadcast them, hoping they can be the next jenner.