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Why were they such a huge power compared to the neighbours in the beginning of ww2?

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It’s not that, in my opinion, that the Japanese military was so strong for a country it’s size but that the rest of the world was so weak, by intent.

Japan had been in a war and conquest economy since 1931 and was prepared as it could be for war in 1941 with skilled practiced, fanatically dedicated officers at every level

BUT, it’s military was dependant on foreign sources for oil and the general staff knew that it needed a fast sharp knock out blow to America and the European powers or to accept a peace that isolated them to the home islands and giving up the territories (Korea and Manchuria especially) they were exploiting to enrich themselves.

They felt that they had to start a war with the colonial powers and knew that they couldn’t survive a war of attrition with the US especially so the only via strategy was acting more powerful and frightening than you are and trying to negotiate a favorable peace.

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