Eli5: Why when you’re physically exhausted do you get sick more often?

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Whenever I caught a virus more recently or am generally run down I catch so many illnesses and they take longer to clear. I’m not particularly stressed out but wondered why when you’ve had an onslaught of viruses your body can be more susceptible to further illnesses afterwards.

To add – toddler lives at home as well.

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Your immune system is what fights off viruses and illnesses. If you are run down, your immune can be weakened making you more susceptible to infection. If your immune system has been working hard fighting illness, there is likely to be a period where your immune system is still not to full strength, you are more likely to get sick again. Toddlers are very good at adding to your list of possible illnesses.

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When you’re physically exhausted, often times the body becomes compromised and is more susceptible to illnesses/infections. The immune system becomes weaker if you’re unable to provide it the sustenance it needs in order to stay strong and healthy. Improving symptoms involves modifying your lifestyle (exercise, healthy eating, getting enough sleep, handwashing, etc.). Having a toddler at home increases your risk even more because they are automatically at a higher risk themselves for infections due to their immune system developing/adapting to pathogens over time.