(Eli5)Difference between long edge and short edge printing?

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Was printing a doc for an assignment and remembered double sided printing us thing but when I went to print I saw these 2 options and got confused.

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If you’re printing on the long edge back to back and put several sheets together it would look like a book in a vertical position. (Portrait)

If you print on the short edge the book would be horizontal (landscape)

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Let’s say you’re printing a single page. To make it pretty, you want the margin to be nice and even around all four sides, right?

Now, if you’re printing double-sided, you’re presumably printing something that will be bound/stapled/whatever together into a booklet of some sort. If your margins are nice and even, the edge along which you bound the sheets of paper together will look smaller than the others. If, instead, you make that margin slightly larger than the others, it’ll look even after you bind it.

What the printer dialogue is asking you is: which side are you going to bind this on, so I know which margin to make wider?

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When you turn the page, are you planning to flip it along the long edge of the rectangle (the way that most books are), or along the short edge, so the “book” is wider than it is tall?

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Are you planning to flip the page to read, or are you planning to turn it upside down to read?