(eli5)How does the Tesla autopilot work?


(eli5)How does the Tesla autopilot work?

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Cameras look at all the things around the car, and they send the video to a really good computer that has been trained to identify certain shapes like lines on the road and traffic lights.

Then the computer tells the other things in car what to do based on what it sees, like when the light is red it hits the brakes, and when the lines on the road turn to the left then the computer tells the steering wheel to turn left.

There are two parts. The first is basically a big video game. The computer decide what is the way to go, and knowing the rules of traffic (speed limit, staying on the right, etc…) it create the best route for it.

The second is the eyes. It read panels, it see the road, the lines, everything it and the 1st part need. Whenever a new information arrive, it checks with the 1st part if anything need to change. For example, if there is someone on the road, you might need to slow down, which was not on the original route.

That’s basically it. See things, and decide of a course of action.